About us

The company is located in Songze Industrial Park, Qingpu, with over 30 cutting-edge microcomputer injection molding machines and equipment


Shanghai Wuhao Plastic Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise in Shanghai that specializes in the production of plastic hollow pallets (blow molded pallets), plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes, plastic turnover baskets, plastic logistics boxes, plastic parts boxes, environmental sanitation trash cans, box pallets and other products that are in line with domestic and international logistics. It is an enterprise with independent import and export rights. The company is located in Songze Industrial Park, Qingpu, with over 30 cutting-edge microcomputer injection molding machines and equipment. The company has six departments: logistics department, production department, quality inspection department, marketing department, information department, and expansion department. It always adheres to the sales goal of being based in Shanghai and facing domestic and foreign markets. Based on the "National Standard for Plastic Pallets and Plastic Turnover Boxes" and drawing on the plastic product standards of other developed countries, it has formulated stricter internal control standards for enterprise products (Shanghai Enterprise Standard) and organized production according to this standard. The quality inspection center strictly inspects every step from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory.

The product has won multiple honors and was recommended as a "Shanghai Famous Brand Product" by the Shanghai Famous Brand Product Recommendation Committee in 2007. It has also been rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce. Our products are widely used in various industries such as clothing, plastics, hardware, machinery, electronics, instruments, tobacco, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and three-dimensional warehousing, making them essential equipment for warehousing and logistics. Modern logistics management is an important guarantee for enterprises to occupy the market and improve operational efficiency; Logistics facilities are an important foundation for the implementation of logistics operations; A complete logistics service must have efficient and integrated management. Our product technical performance meets standards such as GB/T15234-94, GB/T4857.3 "Static Load Stacking Test Method for Packaging and Transportation Packaging", and GB/T4875.5 "Drop Test Method for Packaging and Transportation Packaging". With China's accession to the WTO, it is our constant pursuit to cooperate with more domestic and foreign manufacturers





Business philosophy:

Innovate products that meet market demand and customer satisfaction.

Create an environment and corporate culture that satisfies employees.

Establish excellent modern first-class enterprises.

Business Policy:

① Expand the market with technology, increase efficiency with management, and establish an image with services.

② Integrity, fairness, and transparent management.

Basic Quality Policy:

Full participation, continuous innovation, continuous improvement of customer satisfaction